Linux kernel

While searching for the WIZnet W5500 linux driver, I noticed a W5500 update in the linux kernel github repository.

Entering through the commit ID seems to have been updated since v5.2-rc3.

The commit comment is shown below, and the description shows that the device tree of w5x00 is supported.

net: ethernet: wiznet: w5X00 add device tree support

The w5X00 chip provides an SPI to Ethernet inteface. This patch allows
platform devices to be defined through the device tree.

As the device tree support was added, the following document files were added.

The above file is a guide for writing DTS. It consists of descriptions and basic examples of property values to use W5x00.

If you want to use the W5500 in a Linux environment, this is a good reference.

Raspberry Pi kernel

The kernel of Raspberry Pi is applied to the rpi-5.3.y branch. (There is no devicetree doc file in 5.2.y.)